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Farecla Compounding system for cutting finishing and protection on composites surface               
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We are importer all materials for fiber glass industrial such as resin, gel coat, fiber glass, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, honeycomb, coremat, PVC foam, Balsa wood, tooling resin, tooling gelcoat, spray gel coat machine, vacuum materials.

We have retails and whole sells of our products all in Thailand country.

World class surface finishing.

Founded in 1952, Farécla is a world-class manufacturer & supplier of surface finishing solutions to over 120 countries worldwide. Our experience and continuing investment in R&D helps us provide our customers with the fastest way to the finest finish.

Compounding Systems


Profile Premium Liquid Compound

Profile Premium Liquid Compound is a high performance, water-based cutting compound which removes P1200 or finer sanding marks from production gel coats and painted finishes, and is the perfect solution for restoring oxidised and weathered gel coat surfaces.

Great on dark colours, it delivers a high gloss finish and is used as a one step product on white gel coats and as the first stage of a two part compounding process where higher gloss and lower swirl is required

Profile Premium Specifications

Pack Size Carton Quantity Product Code
300 g 12 PRL 201
1 lit 6 PRL101

VDO: Polishing a wooden drum shell with Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound




Profile Select Liquid Compound

Profile Select Liquid Compound performs best when shaken before use and run at high speed (2000 - 3500rpm). It is a great value, versatile cutting compound aimed at OEM applications.

Used with a G Mop Twisted Wool Compounding Pad, Profile Select quickly removes P800 or finer sanding marks from tooling or production gel coats in a one-step process.

On painted surfaces, used with a G Mop Lambs Wool Pad, it will very quickly remove P1500 sanding marks and leave a good finish which can be enhanced with Profile Finish if desired.

Profile Select Specifications

Pack Size Carton Quantity Product Code
300 g 12 PRS 201
1 lit 6 PRS101





Profile Finish Liquid Compound

Profile Finish is a very fine finishing compound designed to remove any light swirl marks and holograms from high quality painted lacquered and gel coat surfaces to leave the ultimate high gloss finish. It will not scratch and is particularly good on soft coatings which are susceptible to swirl marks.

Profile Finish is ideally applied using a Farécla G Mop Finishing Foam, which was engineered in tandem with the compound to provide optimum performance. For a higher cut, use with a G Mop Lambs Wool Pad.

Profile Finish Specification

Pack Size Carton Quantity Product Code
300 g 12 PRF 201
1 lit 6 PRF101




Profile UV Wax Liquid Protection

Profile UV Wax is a high performance, Carnauba-based wax incorporating special UV absorbers to give added protection to gelcoats and paints exposed to external weathering. The high Carnauba content ensures long lasting protection against rain and salt water whilst the UV absorbers protect against exposure to sunlight. Profile UV Wax will give a high gloss, long lasting finish on most surfaces and is particularly suitable for use on boats, caravans, trains and planes.

  • Effective Results - Gives an excellent high gloss finishes to surfaces
  • Lasting Protection - Highly durable UV Wax provides a strong barrier against water and UV degradation
  • Tested Reliability - Laboratory tested according to BS EN ISO 4892, ASTM D5894 for extended weathering performance
  • Simple to Use - Thick creamy liquid formula is easy to apply either by hand or by machine. It can also be used in damp weather and is resistant to drying out, even in sunny conditions.

Profile UV Wax Specification

Pack Size Carton Quantity Product Code
300 g 12 PRU 201
1 lit 6 PRU 101


VDO: Conditioning a boat surface using UV Wax Liquid Compound


Profile Vector Liquid Compound

Prole Premium Liquid Compound is a high performance, water-based cutting compound which removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from acrylics, polyester coatings and gel coats and will reach the level of gloss required in the shortest time. For dry use only.

Profile Vector Specification

Pack Size Carton Quantity Product Code
300 g 12 PRV 201
1 lit 6 PRV 101


Composite Products
Fiber Glass Chopped strand mat, Roving, Woven roving etc
Resin & Gelcoat  Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy resin
Nord Composites  Tooling gelcoat and resin   
Formosa Cabon Fiber Carbon fiber, Aramid fiber 
Lantor NV  Non Woven Polyester Soric Coremat   
Diab Group PVC Foam, PET Foam, Balsa Core 
Nidaplast Plastic PP Honeycomb 
NJ Robinson  Spray resin and gel coat machine    
Axelplastics Stripper Cleaning Sealer and Mold Release agent          
Farécla surface finishing compound and protection
Vacuum Bagging Bagging film, Peel ply, sealant tape etc 
Others Materials wax, mono, acetone, MEKP, cobolt etc
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Fumigation Products 
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